Rank for Commissions Review by David Kennedy

Honest and Real Rank for Commissions Review

Thanks for coming to check out our Rank for Commission review.  If you are considering David Kennedy’s new Rank for Commissions program be sure to read every word on this page.

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Ok so if you have been paying any attention to the SEO industry lately you know that Google has been changing a lot of things up.  They’ve recently did a panda update, the first penguin update and several renditions of penguin.

And the result has been a lot of ranking changes and tons of SEO have lost a lot of their income.

As a result most SEO’s are looking for ways to improve their rankings.  One of those ways is through the Rank for Commissions course by David Kennedy.

You see David has figured out a way to get top Google Rankings within just a few minutes.

You can actually see live video proof of it here.

In that video David literally takes a Florist’s website and gets them ranked on the 1st page of Google in under 2 minutes.

It’s crazy.

I personally purchased Rank for Commissions and can vouch for the fact that it teaches you incredibly simple yet effective ways to get to organic rankings.

Anyone that was hurt by the penguin update or anyone that just wants to get high converting free organic traffic needs to check this out.

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