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Nathan Gold Penny Stock EggheadFor decades, getting into stock trading meant you had to play the big banks’ game – and reap only a fraction of the rewards while brokers and the banks took their slice of the pie or, perhaps I should say, they left you your slice of the pie.

Well, when the recession hit and those banks drove the economy off a cliff, a few savvy investors discovered a way to stop playing the big investment firm game.

To hell with the suits…

I want you to meet Nathan Gold, a guy who pioneered a niche market that the big firms couldn’t get into if they tried: penny stocks.

He’s the guy who founded the ridiculously popular Penny Stock Egghead program for people who want to control their own destiny in the stock market.

It’s all about buying stocks for dirt cheap, and right before they skyrocket 150%…200%…and even 425%

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Okay, let’s get you up to speed on penny stocks. You probably want to know what they are all about and why the big firms aren’t jumping all over them.

In the industry, penny stocks represent “small-cap” companies with shares that go for less than $5. (Often, they trade for a LOT less than $5 a share).

So why would anyone buy a stock worth only pennies?

What if I told you those stocks have a 40-year track record of upward trajectory; even during the recession, when big-name stocks annihilated trillions of dollars in American wealth, penny stocks climbed.

The small cap stocks also have explosive potential.

In today’s technology-driven marketplace, penny stocks have the potential to take off overnight. Imagine buying stocks today, and waking up tomorrow to realize your investment climbed a 200% profit ladder while you slept – dreaming of the day your 401k would reach its pre-recession levels.

With Penny Stock Egghead, you’re free to dram big once again. Instead of spending a lot of cash to purchase a negligible number of shares, you can get a lot of shares, just before a company takes off.

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But you can’t just pick any old penny stock, and that’s where Penny Stock Egghead comes in.


  • Get Nathan Gold’s own elite penny stock picks sent straight to your inbox.
  • Every pick is meticulously vetted to maximize earning potential (Nathan personally weeds out hundreds or thousands of under-performers to find the best picks).
  • Massive return potential
  • Proven track record of big gains


  • You’ll only get one pick a week – but it’s one hell of a well-researched penny stock.

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So how does Nathan go about picking the penny stock he sends to his dedicated minions every week?

“Gold’s Gauntlet” is a multi-step process that puts punishment on the weaker stocks and pulls out the small cap options with the most potential for explosive growth.

That’s why you need someone like Nathan on your side. Here’s a little known fact: more than 97% of penny stocks don’t make the cut.

Every pick that lands in your inbox went through an excruciating 17-point mathematical analysis process that puts the other penny stock systems to shame.

Only the Strong Survive

Penny Stock Egghead ReviewBy the time a stock makes its way to your inbox, Nathan has done more than his due diligence to ensure the pick is comically undervalued at the current asking price and ready to start its massive climb.

I’m pretty sure the dude doesn’t sleep.

You see Nathan doesn’t think like most of us. He’s one of those math prodigies who sees the world around him in equations, formulas and graphs.

While that doesn’t exactly make him the most charming guy at a party, odds are he’s the richest. Nathan uses his talent with numbers and formulas to do the kind of all-nighter analysis that would make our humble heads explode.

Okay, let’s get down and dirty and talk about what you’ll get with Penny Stock Egghead – I’m no tease.

  • You’ll get 8 Weeks lifetime picks sent straight to your inbox each and every week.
  • Waived monthly membership fee – you will get a lifetime of stock tips for the price of Nathan’s 8 week program.
  • You’ll learn everything you need to know about investing in the stock market. Even if you’ve never traded in your life, Nathan makes it easy to start investing right away.

Nathan’s got a lot of great things lined up for his members, but I know he’s keeping a lot of it close to the chest.

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One thing I do know is he doesn’t leave his followers hanging. His Five-Step trading process can help investors see gains of 200% or more from a $1,000 initial trade.

Of course, no one can guarantee returns of 200%…300%…or 400% but what Nathan is offering is a chance to go into trades armed with top-notch analysis and research. You don’t want to go into penny stock trading blind. It’s important to have the confidence in knowing someone is out there to make sure you are investing in that top three percent.

So What’s My recommendation?

Based on the sheer volume of research and the word of members who have used this system to maximize returns, I would definitely recommend this product.

Of course, another thing I really like about this program is the fact that it makes investing easy for people who may know absolutely nothing about how to invest in the stock market. It’s also a good detox plan for anyone who’s tired of losing their shirt while making some greedy stockbroker rich as hell.

Penny Stock Egghead is for people who want to take total control of their investments.

Play your game your way – fire your broker and let him get rich by some other poor sap’s retirement fund.

If you’re considering getting into penny stock trades, I truly believe this system is the best one on the market. Nathan Gold puts a lot of sweat and sleepless nights into making sure his members have the best picks sent to their inbox each and every week.

He’ll also keep you in the loop with all kinds of trading secrets and tips, completely free of charge.

Unlike all those other penny stock programs that keep billing you – Penny Stock Egghead is a pay once and reap the benefits kind of program.

I highly recommend becoming a lifetime member today, before Nathan wises up and takes the offer of the table.

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Penny Stock Egghead by Nathan Gold

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