Forex Trend Wave Review: Rule The Foreign Markets By Knowing When to Buy and Sell

Jess Palmer Forex Trend WaveIf you’re sick of babysitting charts, graphs, flags and trend lines that take the fun out of trading and turn it into a confusing guessing game – Forex Trend Wave is worth looking into.

Did you know the Foreign Exchange is the most traded market on the planet? Every day more than $4 trillion is traded and the opportunities are endless.

Why not grab a taste of that $4 trillion for yourself?

Unlike the New York Stock Exchange, you can trade on the Forex 24 hours a day. With the right system in place, you can improve your earning potential to a ridiculous degree.

More wins and fewer losses is the driving force behind Jess Palmer’s Forex Trend Wave investment system.

The veteran trader was fed up with the old outdated systems and confusing new ones that just weren’t keeping up with real-time developments in the markets, so he decided to take matters into his own hands, developing his own easy to follow program.

In this Forex Trend Wave Review, I’m going to take a look at some of the key aspects of this system and explore the different ways it can help new and seasoned investors get on the right side of the near term trend 80% of the time, or more.

Here are a few things you need to know right off the bat:


  • Simplified, effective trend-tracking software to tell you exactly when to buy and when to sell
  • Learn where to put your stop loss, to avoid getting bounced out of a trade early
  • Learn to distinguish a lucrative trading pattern from a bad one
  • Scalp the Forex Market and go for 80 to 100 pips
  • For Meta Trader 4
  • Runs on 5 Minute Timeframe

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  • Nothing comes to mind. This is an easy to read, simple to understand system that does one thing extremely well: targets the best trades with precision.

The simplified and effective system helps investors trade at exactly the right time, when the market is most likely to move enough pips that you’ll see some profit.

I really like the way Jess Palmer went for function over fashion, cutting out the useless bells and whistles that only really serve to get in the way, doing more harm than good.

Users don’t have to deal with useless tools like Fibonacci or Trend Lines. Palmer had one thing in mind when he created Forex Trend Wave, keeping it simple and profitable.

That meant creating a product that wasn’t just geared toward savvy investors with years of experience. Forex Trend Wave is as easy to read as a traffic light – making it the ideal solution for someone who’s just getting into investing. The old hands will also find it a welcome relief from all the useless chart indicators and flags that plague every other system for no good reason.

Step 1: Follow the color-coded sequence to enter a trade

Step 2: Look to buy long when you see the blue bars

Step 3: Sell one pip below the red bar

Step 4: Watch your Profits climb

Naturally, what you just read is an abbreviated version; so don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense right now. With Jess Palmer’s Forex Trend Wave, you’ll be ready to trade within hours of downloading the software.

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To help guide investors along the way, an extensive Forex Trend Wave manual is included. This is like a bible for beginning investors and a great learning tool even for the most experienced traders.

Let’s break down exactly what your money will get you:

  • The Forex Trend Wave Manual
  • Time to Trade Indicator
  • Forex Trend Wave Main Indicator
  • Forex Trend Wave Template

For those who order right away, Jess is throwing in his advanced version with audio alerts for free. Even if you’re away from your computer, you’ll know when to make the buy and when to sell.

That along with plenty of other cool features will bring the simplicity and automation of your trading to a new level.

My Recommendation

Forex Trend Wave ReviewIf you want to break in or improve your performance in the foreign markets, this is surely the program for you.

I really like Jess’ way of putting function way ahead of fashion with his system, and the addition of the audio alerts means you won’t miss a trade opportunity. For beginners, this is a godsend.

Instead of planning on blowing a certain amount of money, just to learn your way around the markets, the terminology and the process, you can use Jess Palmer’s Forex Trend Wave to ensure you are making smart trades right from the start.

The overall value and the fact that you can trade from anywhere in the world (as long as there’s an Internet connection) makes this a great selection for investors.

I suggest you use the information found in this Forex Trend Wave review to make a smart decision for your financial future and click the link below. You’ll be trading in just a few hours.

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